Influenced By Squid Game Downloading Random App ? Be Careful !

Programmers have been attempting to introduce infections on client's gadgets through different applications called 'Squid Game', a well known Korean Movie as of late. With the developing notoriety of Korean film on Netflix around the world, cybercriminals have accepted it as a decent chance to bring in cash. As of late, digital protection analysts have found an application with a squid game themed backdrop in the Google PlayStore. Scientists have found that programmers introduced malware on the name of squid game backdrops. While downloading such applications, Trojan Horse introduce Joker malware through the application, giving programmers admittance to your Android gadget and giving programmers admittance to your information, which they can abuse.

Presently, there are around 200 applications identified with squid games in the PlayStore, which have been downloaded 1 million times in 10 days.

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