The World's First Website Is Still Running

Great evening my dear companions. Peruse this post and you will know new data. You may even be shocked to track down the world's first site visited today. The site is 30 years of age. This site is the main confirmation of where the web has arrived at today. Since in this day and age application like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube are zeroing in on the world. It was made 30 years prior today by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Which was run on the following PC advancement in 1998. The PC was esteemed at USD 6,500 at that point. The worth of which has arrived at USD 14,200 today. The site was named The World Wide Web Project. The reason for making this website page was to stamp the start of the web we are discussing today. The web was made by Sir Tim Berner-Lee. Which went live on August 6, 1991. Berners-Lee is a notable British PC researcher. He is otherwise called the creator of the web. He proposed the web's center administration framework in 1989. In November of the year, he effectively tried HTTP Communications. The main site opened up to the world long term later. Just a small bunch of individuals at present approach this site. The site is as yet in activity. It contains data about the underlying period of the undertaking. Toward the start of the site is data concerning what is the World Wide Web. If it's not too much trouble, tell, what is that site ?

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