For what reason Did Facebook Remove Elon Musk's Verified Fan Page ?

Tesla proprietor Elon Musk's fan page has abruptly vanished. The fan page with 153,000 adherents was confirmed by Facebook some time prior. Generally such fan pages are not checked. Notwithstanding, Elon Musk's fan page was checked. Simultaneously, many condemned Facebook for conflicting with its strategy and confirming the page. When the analysis began, the page unexpectedly vanished. Simultaneously, many have conjectured that this progression might have been taken by Facebook itself. Be that as it may, Facebook itself has not given any choice on this issue. At the point when Facebook confirmed the page, there were just 10 posts on the page. Where Elon Musk's tweet was shared. The page was renamed multiple times. Up until this point, no data has been delivered on the premise where Facebook confirmed the page made in Egypt. Nonetheless, it very well may be accepted that this page might have been confirmed accidentally. Prior, such issues have showed up in Twitter confirmation.

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