Ways To Log-In To WhatsApp On Another Device, Even When Offline

Messaging app WhatsApp is one of our choices. This is because of the privacy features available in it. Due to end-to-end encryption, many people are preferring this app as the company itself cannot view the user's conversations. The company is also providing various feature from time to time. Accordingly, the company has recently made a new feature available to users. Which is very useful. Because until now, if you had to run WhatsApp from one device to another, it was mandatory for both devices to be connected to the Internet. But now such a situation has come to an end. The company has now made it possible to connect to another device even when there is no internet on the mobile. Here we are giving you the necessary process for that. For that you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp. This feature is currently only available in beta versions. Problems can arise while using it. Another things is that Device Connect will only support WhatsApp on web, desktop and portal. This means that this feature does not work between Android and iOS apps. How to use ? First go to WhatsApp Open Settings. Now click on 'Linked Devices' and then on 'Multi Device Beta'. Now go to the screen of the device on which you are trying to link WhatsApp and click on the 'Link a Device' button. After doing so, the QR will now open on the secondary device. By scanning it, you can connect your mobile device without internet.

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