FIFA Testing Technology To Detect Player's Offside Position

FIFA is trying innovation to decide whether players are in an offside situation at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This was disclosed by FIFA from its authority Twitter account. As per FIFA, players utilize self-loader offside innovation, otherwise called appendage following, to decide whether players are offside. As per FIFA, cameras will be set up on the top of the arena, which will remove appendage information from the video and give data to authorities in the working room about the player's offside position right away. As per an article distributed on the BBC, around 10 to 12 cameras will gather information of a player multiple times in a second. Prior games utilized video associate arbitrator (VAR) innovation, which was questionable. Right now, VAR works by dissecting video feeds and defining boundaries on the pitch to affirm whether players are offside. In any case, more often than not in that video film, it is unimaginable to expect to gather clear film about the situation of the player.

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