India Bans 20 Pakistani YouTube Channels

India Bans 20 Pakistani YouTube Channels

The Indian government has restricted two Pakistani sites and 20 YouTube channels. India has restricted Pakistani sites and YouTube channels for getting out counterfeit word. 

The restricted site and YouTube channel have been blamed for enemies of India exercises. The rundown was recognized by India's insight office and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the wake of distinguishing the sites and YouTube channels. 

The Indian government asserts that every one of the restricted sites and YouTube channels are worked from Pakistan. India has blamed India for distributing fiery material on challenges Kashmir, Indian Army, minority local area, Ram Mandir, CDS General Vipin Rawat, farming law, CAA. 

The Indian government had on May 26 given new data innovation rules. It is referenced that a similar site has been requested to obstruct Pakistani destinations and YouTube channels against the crisis powers.

These are the 20 restricted Pakistani YouTube channels

1. The Punch Line
2. Khalsa TV
3. The Naked Truth
4. News24
5. Anecdotal
6. 48 News and Cover Story
7. Go Global
8. InternationalWeb News
9. Naya Pakistan Global
10. Online business
11. Junail Haleem Official
12. Najam Ul Hassan Bajwa
13. Recorded Facts
14. Mian Imran Ahmad
15. Punjab Viral
16. Zain Ali Official
17. Tayyab Hanif
18. Sadaf Durrani
19. Kaneez Fatima
20. Mohsin Rajput Official
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