What You Need To Know To Use Social Media Safely

There has been a significant increase in the use of social media in recent times. Especially with the lockdown imposed due to Covid 19, social media is becoming the most suitable way to spend time at home. Many are now spending most of their time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube. Therefore, the issue of how to use such social media safely is important for us. Because your identity is also connected with social media. If someone has access to your social network, it is important to assess the potential damage to your life. Meanwhile, the Telecommunications Authority of Nepal, the regulatory body for the telecommunications sector, has provided information on how to stay safe while using social media. Based on the information provided by the regulatory authority, here I am giving you information on how to stay safe while using social media :

- Keep separate and strong passwords for your account on different social networks (like Facebook, Twitter).
- Use Multi-Factor Authentication (Two Factor Authentication. Mobile Number, OTP, Fingerprint, etc.) to secure your digital account on social networks.
- Let's use Recovery Email and Mobile Number to recover your social media account.
- Use your device (mobile, laptop, computer, tablet) when using social media as much as possible. Lock your personal devices (laptop, mobile, etc.) with password, pattern or fingerprint (biometric).
- Let's immediately change the password of the social network account when the device used for social media (mobile, tablet) is lost.
- Since every social network has a privacy setting feature, use it to customize / configure which details to make public / not. For example, showing or hiding your email and phone number on Facebook. Whenever possible you should have your personal details such as: Home Address, Phone Number, etc. on social media.
- Do not share Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on social media including your personal sensitive photos, User Name and Password, Bank Credit Card Number, PIN Code, Citizenship Number.
- Be careful when posting any message or photo. (For example, details such as where I'm going, what I'm doing, who I'm with can be misused by others.)
- If someone pressures you to post a photo, refuse. If necessary, remove bad friends (showing uncomfortable activities) on social networks from the block or friends list.
- As much as possible, do not accept stranger's friend request. Let's accept the Friend Request on social media only after considering the person's post and the person's details.
- Click / Open only by correctly identifying the links and attachments shared by friends on social media. If the link and attachment seems suspicious, do not open it.
- Don't reply / respond to messages, phone calls, etc. sent by showing various temptations or threatening messages, including prizes, gifts, lotteries, etc. received through social media.
- If you feel any uncomfortable activity related to sexual abuse while using social media or if there is an incident, let's collect evidence and lodge a complaint with the police.

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