Did Elon Musk Decide To Buy Twitter At Trump's Urging?

Did Elon Musk Decide To Buy Twitter At Trump's Urging?

Previous US President Donald Trump's re-visitation of Twitter has been all the rage since Elon Musk was supposed to purchase Twitter. In the mean time, there have been bits of gossip that Musk has chosen to purchase Twitter as a result of Trump. 

The bits of gossip have been circling since the comments of Devin Nuns, CEO of Trump's interpersonal organization, Truth Social. Talking on the Fox Business Network channel, the nuns said that Musk had chosen to purchase Twitter on account of Trump. 

He likewise said that Trump had proposed to Musk to purchase Twitter. Devin says Trump urged Alan Musk to purchase Twitter since his' organization will likely make a family and social stage. 

He said Musk was urged in light of the fact that Trump needed to communicate something specific that the Internet was available to Americans. This was subsequently announced in numerous worldwide news sources. 

In any case, Elon Musk has asserted that this is clearly false. The New York Post additionally shared the news on Twitter. Answering to a similar tweet, Musk said that this was completely false. 

"It's off-base," he composed. I have not had any immediate or backhanded contact with Trump. " Musk, the world's most extravagant man, has consented to purchase responsibility for virtual entertainment stage Twitter for 44 billion.
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