Elon Musk In The Mood To Remove Parag Agrawal From Twitter CEO

Following the consent to purchase Twitter for 44 billion, there has been a ton of discuss the fate of Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. In the mean time, it has been accounted for that Elon Musk is setting up another rundown for the post of CEO. As per a new report in Reuters, Musk is thinking about eliminating old representatives and supplanting them with new ones. Simply last month, Musk addressed Twitter boss Brett Tyler, saying he had no confidence in the organization's ongoing administration. Under a year after Agrawal took over as CEO of Twitter. He has held the post since last November. In spite of the fact that Reuters detailed that Musk was picking another CEO, the source didn't say who he would be. While his own future is in uncertainty on Twitter, Agrawal has a commitment to quiet down a similar inquiry raised by different representatives. Twitter representatives are shocked after Musk more than once scrutinized the manner in which Twitter works. In an inner gathering held within the sight of Agrawal, the workers had brought up issues about the means to be taken by the administration for the security of their positions. Nonetheless, some have said that except if Musk takes responsibility for, he can not express anything about terminating or adding representatives.
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