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Recall when you made your Gmail account? Or on the other hand who made your Gmail account ? Likewise, there are various motivations behind why you want to change your Gmail name. On the off chance that you remark on a YouTube video, your name and profile will show up there. Which you dislike. For your protection reasons, you might need to change your Gmail name. On the off chance that you send letters to somebody, your name will show up first. In the event that there is another name, the beneficiary might dismiss the mail. That is the reason you must have a genuine name or an organization name. Your name might should be changed for an assortment of reasons. Today we are talking about how to rename Gmail.

# In the first place, open the Gmail application.
# Then tap on your profile symbol in the upper right.
# Then tap Manage your Google Account.
# Then another page opens. Here you can see different Google Account Management choices. From that point, tap on Personal Info.
# Beneath that, tap on the Name choice.
# Then tap on the Pen symbol close to your name.

Then, at that point, you can save the name you need. Prior to renaming, remember that the record was utilized for that reason. When in doubt, get thoughts from others.
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