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How much is your cell phone ? Some might believe that I am conveying an extremely modest telephone, while some might feel that I am utilizing an extravagant telephone. How much does a costly telephone cost ? One lakh or two lakh? In the event that you think this cost is the most costly telephone, you might be off-base. You should rest assured that there are commonly more costly telephones on the planet than your telephone, which is being utilized by numerous clients all over the planet. 

As of now, the cost of another iPhone in the market is around $1,008.56 on a normal, which is an immense sum for some individuals on the planet. Additionally, some iPhones are costly to the point that it costs billions of rupees. Apple's iPhone is among the best five most costly telephones on the planet. Here is a rundown of the main five most costly telephones and what they contain.

1. Bird Of Prey Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

The most costly telephone on the planet is the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. It was sold for more than Rs 6 billion. The Falcon Supernova was an upgraded iPhone 6 and the Pink Diamond model was divulged in 2004. The telephone is covered with 24 carat gold and is decorated with an exceptionally uncommon and valuable pink precious stone. 

It is covered with platinum. Additionally, hack anticipation innovation has been incorporated to keep this telephone from being hacked. The world's most costly telephone was purchased by Nita Ambani, the spouse of Asia's second most extravagant man Mukesh Ambani and proprietor of the Indian cricket crew Mumbai Indians.

2. iphone 4s Elite Gold

Apple's iPhone 4S Elite Gold tops the rundown of the world's second most costly telephones. The worth of this telephone is in excess of 93 million Dollars. Expecting a ton from the second most costly telephone in the world is normal. Provided that this is true, sit back and relax, it has every one of the highlights you really want. This telephone is a hand tailored telephone which is encrusted with 500 and one hundred carat precious stones. 

The logo of this telephone is made of 24 carat gold and the logo on the telephone has 53 jewels which makes this telephone more alluring. The home button is likewise made of 8.6 carat single cut jewel. The body of this telephone is made of strong platinum, which is cleaned by a piece of T-Rex dinosaur bone. It additionally utilizes exceptionally valuable jewels like opals, star sunstone, pivoted quartz, charoite and petersite.

3. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Apple's iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is the third most costly telephone on the planet. The telephone is estimated at 80 million Dollars. Up to this point just two such telephones have been made to make this telephone unique. This telephone is redone as indicated by the desires of the purchaser. This telephone utilizes strong rose gold and contains 500 and 100 carat precious stones. The Apple logo is embellished with 53 precious stones. The home button is additionally made of 7.4 carat single cut pink precious stone. It is pressed in strong rock box.

4. Gold Striker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme is in the fourth rundown of the most costly telephones on the planet. It is made of 21 carat gold weighing 271 grams. 136 jewels have been utilized in this telephone. Of these, 53 precious stone telephones are remembered for the Apple logo. Its home button utilizes a 7.1 carat single-cut precious stone. In the event that you purchased the Gold Striker iPhone 3GS Supreme you will get a rock box made of a solitary piece of stone. The container of this telephone is additionally made alluring utilizing a-list calfskin and Kashmir gold. The iPhone 3GS Kings is valued at over 30 million Dollars.

5. iPhone 3G Kings Button

Apple's iPhone 3G Kings button is the fifth most costly cell phone on the planet. Its worth is around above 2.5 million Dollars. This telephone is made of 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold. A white line should be visible around the telephone which is enhanced with 138 jewels. Furthermore, this telephone is made extraordinary by a 6.6 carat single cut jewel. This telephone is viewed as the most appealing and wonderful telephone that anyone could hope to find on the lookout.

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