Where Did Facebook's 'Ignore Message' Feature Suddenly Disappear ?

Facebook presented the 'Ignore Message' highlight in the Messenger application in January 2020. Which permits clients to dismiss talks or calls from individuals they don't need. In the event that somebody is continually hassling you by messaging or calling, you can keep their talk in 'Ignore Message'. The individual who has been 'overlooked' from this can not figure out through any implies that he is on the disregarded rundown. Be that as it may, for the beyond couple of days, Messenger's 'Ignore Message' include has been unexpectedly eliminated. In the event that your courier actually has the overlook message highlight, you can refresh the application and eliminate it. On the off chance that the Ignore Message include has been taken out from your courier, you can see 'Confine' in its choice. Courier's Restrict include likewise works like the Ignore Message highlight. It tends to be expected that main its name has changed. There is no notice that Facebook has brought Restrict include by changing the Ignore highlight. To empower the Restrict include in Messenger, simply tap the name of the individual you need to limit to go to the chatlist. Then, at that point, you can see the Restrict choice toward the end. Then, at that point, on the following page comes 'Limit Someone'. Provided that you are confining somebody interestingly might you at any point see the following stage. In any case, the individual is confined when you tap on the Restrict choice that shows up subsequent to tapping on the chatlist. Likewise, assuming you go to that individual's talk, you will see an 'I' symbol at the top. Assuming you tap on it, the Restrict choice shows up toward the end. Whenever you tap on it, that individual will be in the limitation list. To eliminate that individual from the limitation list, go to the quest bar and quest for that individual's name. Assuming you open his talk, you will at last see the choice of Unrestrict. Assuming you tap on it, the individual becomes unhindered. The inquiry might emerge concerning what different ventures ought to be limited. On the off chance that you are utilizing Messenger by turning on Active Status, the confined individual can not see you in that frame of mind of Active Friends.
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