The Documents Required To Apply For Croatia Working Visa Are As Follows

1. Police report
2. Passport
3. Photocopy of citizenship
4. Photocopy of educational certificate
5. Certificate of work experience
Or video clip (if requested by the company)

1. Police Report: This is a case against you for engaging in any criminal activity (rape, theft, robbery, looting, drug abuse and trafficking) in a place, area, or any other place where you live. Is a statement made to say no. It is found that a person involved in any such criminal activity does not become a policeman.

2. Photocopy of Citizenship: This is required to verify that you are a resident of your country.

3. Passport: It is a passport that you take with you when you go abroad. It is stamped with visa. It is a command to enter the country you are going to. If citizenship is used in one's own country, it is a very important thing when traveling abroad. You can't travel abroad without it.

4. Educational Certificate: This is what you have studied,
Educational level (SLC / Proficiency level or Bachelor level) is the certificate you have studied.

5. Certificate of work or video clip: If you are going to apply for a skill job, you will need to submit a certificate of work or work experience. Some companies also ask for video clips of related work. For example : Working Video Of Steel Fixer

A New Problem With Croatia Visas

When you do VFS, your documents go to the Croatian embassy, and sometimes the Croatian police go to see your employer company. This is not the main problem. Your visa will be issued after the police find the employer, look at the hostel where you are staying and inform the Delhi embassy that "everything is fine". This is a normal process.

Many agencies have resorted to work-permit visas only to bring people to Croatia, and the main purpose is human trafficking, so there are signs that visa rules will be tightened. However, it is too late to issue a visa now. On top of that, not only the company but also the agency that brought the people and the people he brought earlier to work in Croatia or fled. Now Croatia is slowly getting harder.

The Traffickers In Croatia Are Human Trafficking Agents And Fugitive Workers.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Working Visa To Croatia ?

If You Have A Police Report Stamped And Your Agent Has A Demand Ready, The Processing Time Is As Follows:

1) Work Permit Paper Preparation (2 weeks): Within this time the company will look at your documents, take an interview, ask for a video of the work. Is contracted between you and the company. At the same time, Labor Market Test is being conducted in Croatia. This is the process of finding workers within Croatia or within the EU.

2) Work permit (6 weeks): After completing the above process (1), your documents will be submitted to the Croatian police station for work permit. In the meantime, the Croatian police will investigate your company. The company can also make a visit if it feels suspicious. Due to the pressure of documents, permits are issued in other places a little faster than in Zagreb.

3) Between work permit and VFS (1 week): During this time, filling out visa form, making medical, travel insurance, etc., VFS appointment is taken. When taking a date, take it at a premium, otherwise it will take more time.

4) Passport stamping time (4 weeks): This is the time to submit documents to VFS and wait for visa. This will take a maximum of 28 days or four weeks.

5) Labor, Ticket, Orientation (1 week): Once the visa arrives, it is time to work, buy a ticket and fly.

Thus, the flight to Croatia should be within a maximum of fourteen weeks (about three and a half months).

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