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You are a Nepalese of the class who goes abroad to earn money by taking a loan 2/4 lakhs, then think about it, you have no one but yourself. By raising your issues and donations, they become leaders, celebrities, and forget about you the next day.

Rabi Lamichhane spent a lot of time in the studio trying to start a new life by entering Nepal from the United States. You made him God. Later the Corona epidemic came, and it was crippled. You cried that you would return to your own country and die with your family even after paying four times the price. At that time your Rabi did not appear anywhere. 

Now forming a new party again, the Rabi remembered you and your issue. Gyanendra Shahi, Dhurmus and all of so called gods you have made are radishes of the same field. He was abandoned by his own wife when he went abroad. 

It was also seen that the mother who gave birth to a son who was not earning well was separated by sharing and living with the child who was earning. One of the good things that the Nepal government has done is to open Korea's Employment Permit System (EPS). 

Today, tens of thousands of young people earn more than two million a month. In a similar move (Government to Government / G2G), a European country within Schengen, Malaysia and in Japan, where he was in the final stages of taking Nepalese for free. 

The then Minister of Labor, Gokarna Bisht, was kicked out of his position. Not like Bisht but the Minister Kisan Shrestha, who called at least a swindler to bring justice to the victims, had to leave the chair within six months.

Make a good link yourself, make your own trip abroad by thinking wisely. There is no one here for you. You are the only one.

Credit : The Human Power

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