Garena free Fire: Fix NOTES: Fifth Anniversary, Normal Elements


Gloo Wall Smart Throw

"The Gloo Wall has been one of the center components of Free Fire's interactivity, whether in master fights or easygoing games. Speeding the most common way of putting Gloo Walls would assist our kindred novices with getting to know this thing quicker and simpler!" Players can now divert on Smart Throw from the settings menu. Once on, players can single tap the Gloo Wall button to rapidly put a Gloo Wall before them. One more method for setting Gloo Walls utilizing Smart Throw is to press and hold the Gloo Wall button, focus on the ideal area, and delivery to affirm position.

Overhauled UI

"Welcome to our fifth commemoration! Prepare to submerge into a fresh out of the plastic new Free Fire through its refreshed UI, including the entryway, spring up windows, and significantly more! Bounce in-game and experience the "Fight in Style" soul!"

Generally look:

  • Consolidated in vogue and lively plans while saving the exemplary Free Fire components.
  • New logo and emblematic symbols.
  • Mode determination page:
  • For every one of Battle Royale and Clash Squad relaxed modes, incorporated the guides into a solitary access to empower numerous choice for matchmaking.
  • Redesigned the point of interaction design for more precise presentation.

Everyday/Weekly missions:

  • Improved the page format, which presently shows the Daily Chest (a recently added reward!) and the excellent award of Free Pass, making exploring the connection point simpler.
  • Shows the advancement of everyday missions and EP identifications.
  • Shows mission progress and status on the match results page.

Safe Zone Adjustment

"Express farewell to speculating that the last Safe Zone would be at the focal point of the guide, as we advanced the rationale of deciding the last Safe Zone. Embrace the energy and challenge that this upgrade will present to!" Optimized the zone-contract rationale in Battle Royale mode so the last Safe Zone is created in better haphazardness. While in fight, players should likewise effectively pay special attention to changes during the zones.

Weapon and Balance

New Weapon: Bizon

"Bizon is a SMG that tolls brilliantly in close battle. It has an incredibly high pace of fire that can cause high harm, however with horrendous harm likewise comes low exactness."

Base Damage: 29
Pace of Fire: 0.098
Magazine: 30

Weapon Adjustments

Changed the accompanying weapons:
  • Famas-III: Armor infiltration +5%
  • M14-III: Rate of fire - 6%
  • Scar: Damage +6%
  • G36: Assault Mode pace of fire +8%, Range Mode precision +12%
  • UMP: Armor infiltration - 10%
  • M24: Damage +8%,
  • M1887: Rate of fire +5%, successful reach +5%, harm - 5%

Catching Hook Gun:

  • Upholds weapon exchanging while moving.
  • Upholds hold to point.
  • Decreased the arrival recuperation time.
  • In-game Command Wheels
"As the highlights in Free Fire fill in number, there is a rising requirement for fast admittance to various things and capabilities, like speedy messages, explosives, and Med Kits. This fix, you can partake in a more helpful order determination through our in-game order wheels."

Players can initiate order wheels by holding the "utilization" button. The accompanying capabilities are upheld by order wheels:
  • Speedy messages
  • Throwables
  • Drug Kits

Different Adjustments

  • At the point when all players in a group force quit with the exception of one leftover player, the last player won't confront Honor Score derivations from stopping.
  • Players can now quiet/unmute partners in the hall or room.
  • At the point when a companion's reserving is gotten and acknowledged while in-match, the beneficiary can now send a join demand and a murmur to the companion (on the off chance that the companion is in a gathering).
  • Players can now reorder teamcodes.
  • Advanced post-match companion proposals.
  • Separated reward symbols presently added close to comparing assets in the Download Center.
  • In the event that a player is distinguished to utilize a cheat during a match, they will be consequently eliminated from the match and the excess players will get a framework warning.
  • Improved visual signs of getting Gold. The Gold sum will have an embellishment to inform about the sum increment.
  • Streamlined the client experience of Upgrade Chips.
  • Advanced the audio effects of the Charge Buster.
  • Streamlined the enhanced visualizations on the ability symbols when detached abilities are initiated.
  • Advanced the enhanced visualizations on the ability symbols when hushed by A124.
  • Partners whose areas are out of the extent of the minimap will be stuck to demonstrate the course of their areas.
  • The rundown of plunder on the ground will be shown by the need in the auto pickup settings.
  • In Clash Squad mode, partners who Ace can be offered go-ahead different times in succession, with a limit of multiple times.
  • Upgraded the special visualizations of hitting a foe utilizing a Flashbang.
  • Enhanced the minimap show of involving the UAV in Clash Squad.
  • Force quit from the settings menu is not generally upheld in CS-Ranked.
  • Expanded the reconnection time period for CS-Ranked. Players will be reconnected in their next login assuming they are coincidentally disengaged because of web issues or application crash.
  • Added the FF Knife as a weapon in Lone Wolf mode.

New Update Coming:

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