Why It's Easier to Succeed With Sony Bravia XR X90K Smart TV (XR-55X90K) Review: Best Of Both Worlds Than You Might Think

The X90K fights at a surprisingly high level class on such countless levels, it's hard to not come out intrigued with it. This TV, truth be told, obsc
Jwala Gurung


The X90K fights at a surprisingly high level class on such countless levels, it's hard to not come out intrigued with it. This TV, truth be told, obscures the line between conventional LED and OLED with such a fine level of consideration and craftsmanship inconspicuous or incredible previously, it's become one of our number one straightforward very good quality TVs of 2022. And keeping in mind that it's noticeably flawed, it definitely gives individuals searching for the smartest possible situation — which is near OLED-level tone and difference at a moderately more standard evaluating a healthy comprehensive bundle.


The plan of the X90K, while premium, is more useful and utilitarian comparative with its OLED partner. It utilizes more plastic, it's not as smooth, as well, however it's - still — fabricated well and looks pleasant particularly from the front. It's exceptionally insignificant underscoring an incredible arrangement on inundation with its totally dark front, scarcely there bezels, and unobtrusive marking. 

Table establishment stands apart with Sony giving you a 2-way customizable stand that allows you to set the TV up pleasantly so you can, for example, effectively adjust a sound bar underneath it. Like the TV, its remote, as well, is exceptionally insignificant. It's overall quite smooth with less fastens (than a portion of Sony's other premium TVs) including hotkeys for YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Batteries are incorporated. 

Setting up the X90K is a direct interaction. The TV runs Android TV 10 programming with the new Google TV UI on top. You get a more dynamic home screen than say with normal stripped down Android TV from an earlier time. The conventional method for zeroing in on unambiguous applications is through of the window for content conglomeration with a shrewd cluster of content from numerous applications with devoted tabs for films and TV shows accessible to in a flash watch. 

The thought obviously is to keep you drew in with pertinent substance that is custom-made for you — in light of your review design — without the problem of filtering through each assistance you've bought into individually. We very like it. There is a helpful choice to utilize — arrangement — the X90K as an essential TV too to utilize link or some other media streaming gadget and not be irritated by Google TV by any means. 

Network choices incorporate 4x HDMI, 2x USB Type-A, Optical Audio-out, Ethernet port, 3.5mm sound jack, notwithstanding Bluetooth 4.2 and double band Wi-Fi. You get 16GB of on-board capacity in this TV.


This is the most exceptional full-exhibit LED TV that Sony makes at the hour of composing. It's a watered-down A80K in pretty much every detectable manner which is to say its plan and list of capabilities have been fastidiously organized to accomplish its somewhat lower sticker price, yet it depends generally on a similar outline. The scrupulousness is, still, particularly Sony. The 55-inch model we have for survey costs Rs 1,23,490. 

You can likewise get it in 65-inch for Rs 1,70,990. Sony is utilizing an excellent VA board here with full-exhibit backdrop illumination and a sum of 54 diminishing zones (which is beyond two times contrasted with its ancestor) prompting hazier blacks and, likewise, higher difference proportion. Just and provided that you've had direct experience seeing an OLED face to face, would you have the option to differentiate. 

Sony has really upped its color and contrast game this year. (Photo credit: Sony)

Sony has truly increased its tone and difference game this year, advising many opponents. What's great, however, is the general variety precision. It is just right on target even right out of the entryway. For those fussy about it, the X90K gives you more than adequate settings to tweak the presentation including, in addition to other things, a committed Netflix adjusted mode. The board can, likewise, get extremely brilliant even by LED norms however seeing points could be somewhat better. 

Once more, LED TVs like these aren't known for heavenly off-hub seeing however Sony has some perfect workarounds to move beyond this weakness or further develop it in everyday in a portion of its different TVs. It would have been great in the event that those were incorporated here. There is a light sensor in this TV that is said to consequently change brilliance levels in view of mood, which is a smart idea. The X90K is a 4K TV with help for HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision playback. 

At its heart lies the cutting edge Cognitive Processor XR that is fundamentally doing all the hard work behind the scenes. Sony's handling is effectively among simply incredible with huge spotlight on conveying consistent with life tones with some additional punch or pop that adds a touch of zest and flavor to content without overdoing it or anything. The equilibrium is just spot on and the experience, nearly film like. 

The X90K handles HDR quite well. Movement and upscaling, as well, are fine however now and again fine subtleties in SDR content can get overwhelmed especially in more obscure scenes. With all due respect, TVs like the X90K are basically intended for high-res content and everything being equal, you can fix a portion of these minor issues in settings. 

Being a top of the line Sony TV would infer, it ought to function admirably with most recent control center, especially the PlayStation 5 and it does that quite well. There are four HDMI ports in this TV, two of which are HDMI 2.1 with 4K@120Hz and Variable Refresh Rate support — one of them serves as an eARC port. 

Auto low-idleness mode is additionally accessible. Adjusting the bundle are support for sans hands Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple's AirPlay (with HomeKit), and worked in Chromecast. The X90K accompanies two full-range bass-reflex speakers and two tweeters for a consolidated result of 30W and keeping in mind that general sound quality is great, it might have been a piece stronger. Sony says the TV can enhance sound result contingent upon your position utilizing acoustic auto alignment innovation. There is support for Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround.

OLEDs are perfect. The A80J 2021 (survey), for example, offers unadulterated realistic delight at a sensible cost. Sony has since sent off the A80K 2022 series in India and we expect that it would take the heritage forward and push for significantly more significance. Be that as it may, listen to this, on par with what they are - as a matter of fact, some could say they're awesome — these OLED TVs likewise cost truckload of cash. 

The A80J is right now recorded for Rs 1,61,490 for a 55-inch model. A 65-inch rendition is selling for Rs 2,46,990. The 65-inch A80K cost in India is set at Rs 2,65,990. Not every person has that sort of cash or even the persistence to manage OLED's own arrangement of difficulties like consume in tension. Quantum speck full-exhibit LED TVs are for the most part seen as the second-most ideal choice - to an OLED — however with Mini LEDs beginning to gain some decent forward momentum, we could see some change in energy, ultimately down the line. 

Notwithstanding, similar as all the other things in tech, full-exhibit LED TVs are likewise getting better year on year with picture quality getting so near OLED levels, particularly in the better quality, it would all limit to individual decision and financial plan. Both enjoy their benefits and disservices yet stringently on variety and difference, it could be time to settle in the platitude that no one but OLEDs can convey genuine blacks and rich differentiation. The X90K we're surveying today makes this statement convincingly.
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