A Step-by-Step Guide to How To Post On Reddit: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you're absolutely new to Reddit, or perhaps you're a long-lasting prowler and first-time banner. One way or another, you probably won't be know all about how to post on Reddit. Beneath, you'll track down directions on the most proficient method to post on Reddit whether you regularly peruse your most loved subreddits on your PC or on your telephone by means of the Reddit versatile application.

Step By Step Instructions To Post On Reddit On The Versatile Application

In the event that you're to a greater extent a Reddit portable application Redditor, you can utilize the directions underneath to make a Reddit post on your cell phone.

Stage 1: Open the Reddit portable application on your gadget.
Stage 2: Select the Plus sign symbol at the lower part of your screen.
Stage 3: Choose the kind of post you need to make (picture, text, video, connect, and so on) from the menu that shows up at the lower part of your screen.

Then, at that point, finish up the remainder of your post by adding a title, your substance, or potentially text if necessary. At the point when you're finished composing your post, select the Next button in the upper right corner.

Stage 4: On the following screen, you'll have to pick the subreddit (or your own profile) that you need to post to.

Stage 5: Choose any labels you need to add to your post. Then, at that point, pick the Post button in the upper right corner.

Truly love Reddit? What about beginning your own subreddit? Assuming that that sounds intriguing you, look at our aide on the best way to make a subreddit.

Step By Step Instructions To Post On Reddit On PC/Laptop

Assuming that you typically scrutinize Reddit on your PC through its work area site, you can utilize the accompanying strategy to make a post that is presented on your own profile or one that is presented on a specific subreddit.

Stage 1: You can begin another Reddit post in two ways. You can make a post from your landing page or go to the subreddit you need to post in and make a post from that point.

1) From the landing page, after you've signed in on Reddit.com: Select the Create post text box situated at the highest point of your screen. Select the subreddit you need to post in (or pick your own profile) from the Choose a local area drop-down menu.

2) From a genuine subreddit: Navigate to the subreddit you need to post in. When you're in the subreddit, you can begin your post one of two different ways. Select the Create post text box close to the highest point of the subreddit page or pick the Create post button on the right half of the screen, inside the subreddit's sidebar.

Stage 2: At this point, making a Reddit post on work area web is a similar cycle, regardless of how you began.

After you pick a local area or your own profile, pick the kind of post you need to make (text, picture/video, interface, and so on.). Then, at that point, add a title or other text if necessary. You can likewise add labels or styles (classes for your post) if that subreddit permits them.

Stage 3: Review your post and ensure that it fits inside the rules of that subreddit. When you're content with your post, pick the Post button to present your Reddit post.
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