How To Use Precise Location On Instagram: Tips, Tricks, And Examples

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What if you could add a little sparkle to your photos by tagging your city or neighborhood, and tagging potential new friends based on their proximity to you ? That’s what you can do with the new Precise Location feature in Instagram. It’s a tool that adds an extra layer of personalization to your photos, providing new ways for users to use geo-tagged locations in their images. 

We've all heard about the so-called "Socagram," a term coined to describe how our smartphone apps are as much about making connections as they are about taking photos. Now, because Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing pictures, it’s become key in that process. So if you want to know how to use Precise Location on Instagram and begin using more locations in your pictures as well as making connections with people based on those shared places, this article is for you!

What Is Instagram Precise Location ?

Precise Location is a new feature in Instagram that lets you tag your exact location in your photos and posts. You can use it to add a little extra detail to your images, such as their specific neighborhood or borough. However, you can also use it to add a location to a photo that doesn’t require one. In other words, you can use Precise Location to add a geo-tagged place to your image, even if the photo was taken somewhere else. 

The idea is that Precise Location is designed to help users find images based on their shared interests and location. It’s part of Instagram’s push to create a more social experience on the app. Precise Location works by giving you a few different ways to tag the image: You can manually add the place you’re in, search for a specific place, or select one of the “Popular Places” listed under “Type a Place.” 

Instagram will then show you a map of that place and surrounding areas, so you can tap your exact location. From there, you can add the place as a hashtag in the image’s caption to help other people find your picture.

How To Use Precise Location On Instagram

When you’re editing a photo, you’ll see a “Location” option below the “Caption” and “ hashtag” fields. Select the “Location” option, select the “Search for a Place” option, and type in the place you’d like to add. Alternatively, you can manually add the place by tapping “Add a New Location” and selecting “Manually Add a New Location”. If you select the “Popular Places” option, you can see a list of cities and neighborhoods that other people have added to their posts. 

Note that the current list of “Popular Places” is limited, and is meant to be a starting point. Instagram plans to add more places to the list in the future.

5 Tips For Using Precise Location On Instagram

  • First, be selective about what places you add to your posts. There’s no rule about where you have to use Precise Location. However, you’ll want a place that people can relate to and understand. You also want it to be a place that you enjoy and are comfortable sharing, so you can take good pictures there. 
  • Second, don’t just add a place to every photo. Instead, pick and choose the posts that you want to add a location to, so it doesn’t become tedious and repetitive. This is especially important if you’re using the “Popular Places” option. 
  • Third, tag images with the same name as the place. This will add it as a hashtag to your caption, letting people who want to find your image easily do so. 
  • Fourth, be mindful of other people when you use Precise Location. It’s a nice feature, but use it respectfully. Don’t tag a place to an image that wasn’t taken there, or add a location to an image that doesn’t make sense based on its name. 
  • Fifth, use the location filter to discover other users in your area. You can activate the location filter in the “Explore” section of Instagram, and it’ll let you discover users near you who have also used the precise location feature.

3 Best Practices For Using Precise Location On Instagram

  • First, don’t let the current limitations of the “Popular Places” list get you down. Instagram has only just started to roll out Precise Location. As such, they’re still building up their database of popular locations, and it’ll take some time to grow. 
  • Second, make sure the place you add to your posts actually makes sense. Selecting a random location just to add a location may be confusing for your followers. It’s best to add the location of the image you’re in, or a place near you. 
  • Third, use the “Popular Places” list as a starting point. If you want to find a place near you, use the list as a way to help you find a place, then pick a more well-known place nearby. Visit Social Media Marketing Blog to read the full article!

Disable Precise Location On Instagram

Meta (Facebook and Instagram's parent organization) isn't known for best protection rehearses. On the off chance that you don't favor Instagram to follow your area constantly, you can undoubtedly cripple exact area authorization on your iPhone and Android. Track with to figure out how.


Step 1: Open Settings On iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll To Privacy & Security.

Step 3: Open Location Services.

Step 4: Scroll To Instagram, And You Have Four Options To Choose From.


Step 1: Find The Instagram App Icon From The Home Screen Or The App Drawer Menu.

Step 2: Long-Tap On It And Open The App Info Menu.

Step 3: Select ‘Permissions’.

Step 4: Open Location Permission.

Step 5: Disable The ‘Use Precise Location’ Toggle From The Following Menu.


We live in a digital world, and with that comes digital connections. With the new Precise Location feature in Instagram, you can add a little extra detail to your images, as well as add a location to a photo that doesn’t require one. This is all in an effort to help users find images based on their shared interests and location. It’s a way for Instagram users to make connections based on the places they enjoy, and it can help you grow your audience by connecting with others like you. If you want to use Precise Location on your Instagram account, make sure that you’re following these tips, so you can take advantage of this helpful feature. And if you want to learn more about social media marketing, make sure that you’re following the "How To Use Precise Location On Instagram: Tips, Tricks, And Examples"
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