Why You Should Forget About Improving Your Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card Overclocks To 2.7 GHz With Ease

Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card Overclocks To 2.7 GHz With Ease What’s The Intel A-Series Arc Processor ? The Test Bench And OC Hardware 3D Mark Benchma
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Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card Overclocks To 2.7 GHz With Ease
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The Intel HD Graphics chipset is not known for high overclocks, but there are some models that can hit impressive speeds. Case in point, the Intel A770 graphics card from the Archers Pass chipset. These small but mighty chips are found on the latest Pentium and Celeron processors. The A770 Pentium processor-based desktop computers are quite affordable now, and so we’ve seen a host of pre-built systems based on these chips hitting the market. They’re also great for budget gaming systems thanks to their ability to overclock. 

And it so happens that one such system was used in our testing of this graphics card. During a meeting with HotHardware, Intel's promoting individual, Tom Petersen, offered a few new insights about the overclocking capacities of their Curve GPUs. Intel is supposed to do a full analyzation of their top of the line Curve Restricted Version illustrations cards this week so remain tuned for more data.

What’s The Intel A-Series Arc Processor ?

The Intel A-Series chipset consists of Pentium, Celeron and Core i3 processors. The new chips are designed to be energy-efficient, with the Celeron and Pentium models featuring an integrated GPU. But even with the i3 models featuring an enhanced GPU, their performance is not particularly impressive. 

The A-Series Archers Pass processor is based on the 14 nm process and has two cores and four threads. The integrated HD Graphics Archers Pass chip is suitable for everyday use and casual gaming. However, it’s not adequate for more intensive gaming.

The Test Bench And OC Hardware

The Intel A770-based graphics card was tested on a test bench consisting of a Pentium G4560 processor-based system. The G4560 is an interesting choice, because while it’s a very affordable processor, it’s not known for great overclocking. The G4560 is a 2-core/4-thread processor with a 3.5 GHz turbo frequency. 

Best core clock and memory frequency: 6.9 GHz. The Intel A770 graphics card was clocked at speeds of 2.7 GHz core, 6.9 GHz memory, and with a 1.8V Vcore. The graphics card is equipped with 2 GB DDR3 VRAM and makes use of a single slot cooler. This is a budget graphics solution and so is priced very competitively. It’s able to provide decent performance for casual gaming and for workstation tasks like CAD modelling.

3D Mark Benchmarking: No More Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

3D Mark is an incredibly popular benchmarking solution and is used by gamers, overclockers and hardware reviewers alike. It features both CPU and GPU benchmarking tests for a wide range of applications. The CPU benchmark is particularly useful for testing out high-end processors like the Core i9. But when it comes to low-end solutions, the CPU test isn’t exactly what we’d call representative of real-world performance. That’s because it uses a ridiculously light workload that most modern-day processors can complete in seconds. 

In fact, with the latest A-Series processors, even mainstream chips like the Core i5-8400 can run the CPU benchmark in less than a second. The GPU test isn’t much better either. The test uses the integrated GPU and uses a test that is so light that even a weak discrete GPU can run it in 0.1 seconds. Most discrete GPUs can perform this test in about 1 second. This ridiculous performance is due to the fact that the GPU test uses just 0.03% of the GPU’s available CUDA cores. Yes, 3/100ths of a percent of CUDA cores.

Battlefield 4 Benchmarking: Success With Ultra Quality Settings

Battlefield 4 is still one of the most popular games out there. It’s been around for a few years now, but it’s still a good test for gaming systems since it’s very resource intensive. The Intel A770 integrated graphics card was only able to run the game in low quality settings. When overclocked, the Intel A770 graphics card was able to run the game in ultra quality settings at an average of 30 FPS. That’s a huge jump in performance and means that the card is now suitable for more challenging games like PUBG and Fortnite.


The Intel A770 graphics card is an affordable and energy-efficient solution for everyday use. While it’s capable of casual gaming at low quality settings, it’s not suited for more demanding titles with higher graphical fidelity. The A770 performs very well when overclocked and can provide decent performance for modern games at medium-to-high settings. The A-Series Archers Pass processor is a great choice for budget systems and for building a small form factor PC. 

It has a tiny 65 W TDP and consumes less power than Intel’s more expensive B-Series processors. The integrated graphics on these chips are also suitable for lightweight PC use such as streaming and office tasks. The A-Series processors are available in a variety of price points and form factors, so there’s something for everyone. To the reference model, ASRock has displayed its most memorable custom Curve A750 designs card at TGS 2022. 

The card envisioned accompanies a conservative PCB since the cover stretches out past it, a double fan and double space cooler which is important for the Challenger OC series and is fueled by double 8-pin connectors which implies that we are taking a gander at a custom PCB with an industrial facility overclocked plan as the reference variation accompanies a 8 and 6 pin connector design. The card holds its four showcase yields. Expect more subtleties on the Intel Circular segment illustrations card setup before very long.
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