A Buy Google Nest WiFi Pro Success Story You'll Never Believe

Jwala Gurung
Google Nest Wifi Pro Success Story
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Google Nest Wifi is now a master of homes. Their devices monitor the environment, detect motion, and set alarms with ease. They know when we’re home and which rooms are empty. All this intelligence means more convenience for users. 

But what if they could go even further? A smart home is only as good as its weakest link, after all. In this case, it’s connectivity. Although Google Nest Wifi has all the sensors to be smart, the router itself doesn’t quite have everything we need from a wireless network. Fortunately, that’s where Google Wifi Pro comes in!

Why Is Google Wifi Pro Worth Buying ?

Google Wifi Pro is worth buying because it’s a relatively cheap way to upgrade your Google Nest Wifi system. Wifi Pro will act as a new, stronger router for your Nest Wifi. This will help ensure that your smart home’s connectivity doesn’t hold it back. It also will help to ensure larger homes are optimally covered. 

Plus, it gives you the option to add more wired ports, so that even the most demanding users can be satisfied. Each Google Wifi Pro costs $99. This is a significant cost up from Google Nest Wifi’s $129 price tag. But, given the added functionality and resilience to larger homes, it’s definitely worth the price. And, when you consider that Google Wifi Pro’s two-pack is only $149, it becomes even more attractive.

A Stronger Network

If you live in a larger home, you’ve probably experienced the pain of a flaky WiFi network. The Google Wifi Pro helps to eliminate those issues. It has a stronger signal, a greater range, and a better throughput than the original Google Nest Wifi. 

The Pro version boasts a 1.8 Gbps speed, which is significantly faster than the 1.6 Gbps speed of Google Nest Wifi. You’ll notice the difference when streaming high-quality content or multiple devices. A stronger network also opens up the possibility of expanding your network. If you want to cover more of your home with WiFi, you can use Google Wifi Pro’s network-extending feature. Just be careful not to create a WiFi “dead zone” in the process.

Good Looking Design

Compared to the Google Nest Wifi, the Google Wifi Pro has a much nicer, more minimalistic design. It’s a smaller, cylindrical device, with a single LED light (blue when powered on and orange when there’s an issue) and a mute button. It’s stylish and can blend in with your home’s interior rather than stick out like a sore thumb. 

You can even choose from either black or white. If you’re an avid Google Nest Wifi user, you’ll probably be pleased to know that you can use the Pro device with the same app. You can set up and manage your network with ease.

Improved Smart Home Capabilities

Another reason to upgrade to Google Wifi Pro is for a better smart home experience. The regular Google Nest Wifi has a 2×2 MU-MIMO (Multiple User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology. Google Wifi Pro ups this to a 3×3. This means that the Pro device can handle much more data. 

It can support up to 6 devices at once, whereas the Nest Wifi can only handle 5. This is especially beneficial to those with a lot of smart home gadgets. A larger network can support more devices, meaning you don’t have to worry about any performance issues with your smart home. With Google Wifi Pro, you can set up more complex routines, too.

Enhanced Networking Technologies

Google Wifi Pro has more sophisticated networking technologies than Google Nest Wifi. Its 802.11ac WiFi standard is better than the 802.11n standard of Nest Wifi. On top of this, Google Wifi Pro has a quad-core processor compared to Google Nest Wifi’s dual-core processor. 

These are mostly technological differences that will only be useful to tech-savvy people. They’re not noticeable by the average person. But, they do mean that Google Wifi Pro is a more powerful device, which can support larger homes.

Everything You Can Do With Google Wifi Already

One final reason to upgrade to Google Wifi Pro is that it can do everything Google Nest Wifi can do. It can still be controlled from the Google Home app, or by voice through Google Assistant. You can also set up family member accounts and have granular control over your network. 

You can see who’s connected, set bandwidth limits, and see historic usage data. You also get some extra features, like network-extending and Google Wifi Pro’s network monitoring. With network monitoring, you can set up Google Wifi to send you alerts if it detects issues with your network.

Final Words

Overall, Google Wifi Pro is a worthy upgrade from Google Nest Wifi. It has a better design, a stronger network, and better smart home capabilities. It is a bit more expensive upfront, but it can be worth it for larger homes. If you’re interested in upgrading your Google Nest Wifi system, Google Wifi Pro is a great choice.

The Nest Wifi Pro is now available for preorder through Google and Amazon(opens in new tab), and it will be released on October 27. We will post a complete Nest Wifi Pro review with our findings and final opinion soon.
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