How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Google Says India’s Antitrust Order ‘Major Setback, 'Serious Security Risks’

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The Competition Commission of India has imposed a “major setback for Indian consumers and businesses” in Google's view, as it considers whether to appeal the ruling. The Google corporation has been ordered to pay $161.9 million in fines by India's competition regulator for violating antitrust law in connection with Android mobile devices. 

The company's spokesperson expressed concern that the security features of Android devices would be jeopardized as a result. The order also reportedly increases the cost of mobile devices for Indian consumers. Google will probably challenge the decision. 

Google dominated all the pertinent industries, the regulator found. The watchdog was examining whether Google held a dominant position in five distinct markets: licensable OS for mobile phones, app stores, web search services, non-OS mobile web browsers, and online video hosting platforms in India. 

Google pledged in 2020 to invest $10 billion in South Asia over the coming years. It has already backed Jio Platforms and Airtel, among other local telecom firms, with up to $5.5 billion. India accounts for Google's greatest user base. 

According to research firm Counterpoint, Android operating system powers almost 100 percent of the country's 600 million smartphones. The antitrust watchdog stated on Thursday that device manufacturers should not be forced to put on Google's assortment of apps, and the search giant should not deny access to its Play Services APIs and monetary and other incentives to vendors. 

India's antitrust watchdog has instructed Google not to prevent smartphone users from uninstalling the company's pre-installed apps such as Google Maps and Gmail. Google has also been asked to allow consumers to select their preferred search engine for all relevant services when setting up a phone for the first time. Google's Android operating system dominates India's 600 million smartphones, according to Counterpoint Research. ($1 = 82.6180 Indian rupees)
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