How To Explain Bungie Lands On Potential Fix To Duality's Bell Bug In Destiny 2. Targeting Oct. 18 Deployment To Your Grandparents

Bungie Lands On Potential Fix To Duality's Bell Bug In Destiny 2
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In the world of video game development, bugs can be tricky to diagnose and even trickier to fix. But the developers at Bungie are not giving up on fixing one of the most challenging issues players have been running into while attempting to complete Destiny 2’s latest raid, The Scourge of the First Light. 

In fact, they’ve just announced their plan for tackling it once and for all. In a recent blog post outlining their plans for future content updates, Bungie touched on how they intend to tackle some of the more troublesome bugs that players have been reporting regarding Destiny 2 since launch. 

While many were fixed in subsequent hotfixes, one bug in particular has proven harder to squash than anticipated. This bug involves a glitch with one of the encounter mechanics in The Scourge of the First Light as well as one gun that is almost impossible to use for normal gameplay due to this bug.

What’s Causing The Issue?

The core issue causing this bug is a glitch with the timing of the Bell Ringer encounter. A player armed with the weapon Suros Regime, which is part of the Scourge of the First Light raid weaponset, cannot kill the Bell Ringer. Due to a bug, the bullets from Suros Regime do not deal enough damage to the Bell Ringer to kill it in the allotted time frame. 

The timing for the Bell Ringer encounter is tight. If the Bell Ringer is not killed fast enough, it will disappear and another Bell Ringer will appear in its place. If the team cannot kill the second Bell Ringer, they will be kicked out of the raid and the raid will be failed.

Possible Fix For Oct. 18 Patch

Now that Bungie has identified the cause of the glitch, they say that they can work on a fix within the next couple of weeks. Bungie will be sending out a hotfix for the Oct. 18 patch, which will target this specific issue. The expected method of fixing this is to remove Suros Regime from the game until the next raid, The Eater of Worlds, is released in November. 

In the meantime, Bungie will offer a temporary bugfix for this issue. If a player with Suros equipped enters the raid, a prompt will pop up that will allow them to temporarily switch Suros for another weapon for the remainder of that single raid. Once the player leaves the raid, this prompt will go away. Bungie suggested that Suros may need to be removed from the game entirely, but they are still exploring options.

Bungie has also encountered other problems recently. In addition to the Gyrfalcons' Hauberk Hunter Exotic's terrifying glitch that allows players to enjoy the class ability-based effects like the Titans' Lorelei Splendour Helm without limits, Bungie will repair an unintentional mistake with the Titans' Lorelei Splendour Helm that allows players to enjoy the class ability-based effects without limits. 

The fix will be available in October, according to Bungie. The Duality dungeon was released on May 27 as part of the Season of the Haunted story line, even though it is available in the Witch Queen's Dungeon Pack and therefore is not tied to the season's purchase. Players have complained about unintentional deaths and knocks inside the dungeon in addition to the Architectssuch as accidental deaths resulting from knocks that lead to death. 

Bungie is investigating an issue that resulted in players being killed after they rang the Duality dungeon bell. The developer is focusing on October's 18 patch, which will fix several problems in the Duality dungeon that resulted in unintentional deaths and other issues,

When Can We Expect This To Be Fixed?

All signs indicate that this bug should be fixed in the next few weeks. The hotfix is currently slated for Oct. 18, but the exact date is subject to change. While some bugs can take months to squash, Bungie has indicated that they are committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible.


This bug has been plaguing players since the launch of Destiny 2. When it first appeared, there was a lot of speculation about what caused it. Fans were incredibly relieved to learn that this was not a sign of a larger problem. Instead, it was a glitch that could be fixed with a simple patch. We can expect this bug to be fixed in the next few weeks, so players can rest assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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