The LuluLuvely Wows Twitch Rivals Fans With One-health Apex Outplay, Helps Her Team Clutch The Win Case Study You'll Never Forget

What Happened During LuluLuvely’s One-Health Apex Outplay? Watch LuluLuvely’s One-Health Apex Outplay Again! How Twitch Rivals Fans Reacted To This Ou
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LuluLuvely Wows Twitch Rivals
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Coming into the first ever Twitch Rivals Apex Legends event, many fans were left wondering if we would see a whole new level of gameplay given how much streaming has advanced our understanding of the game. So far, the answer seems to be a resounding yes! Throughout Thursday and Friday’s qualifying rounds, spectators have been wowed by some incredible plays. 

One such play came from veteran streamer LuluLuvely during the final match of group B on Friday. Not only did LuluLuvely pull off one of the most impressive one-health apex plays we’ve seen so far but she was also able to clutch it and help her team win. Check out the clip below for all the details about what went down during this epic moment:

What Happened During LuluLuvely’s One-Health Apex Outplay?

During the final round of group B’s semifinal match, LuluLuvely’s team found themselves facing off against a three-man squad from team The Stream Squad. The Stream Squad’s squad composition was focused heavily on the use of loot boxes to create devastating builds. 

Based on her team’s composition, LuluLuvely’s team found themselves outgunned with only one health remaining for each player. With The Stream Squad sitting about halfway up the map and guarding an open box, LuluLuvely’s team decided to split up and flank them. 

LuluLuvely decided to head straight up the mountain on her way to The Stream Squad while her team opted to take the more direct and dangerous approach to the same destination. To the amazement of Twitch Rivals fans, LuluLuvely was able to get to the team of The Stream Squad before they even knew she was there. 

By the time they spotted her and tried to take her down, they found themselves unable to do so before she was able to take them all out. She aggressively charged into battle, disappearing and reappearing from an enemy Gibraltar's shield while laser-focusing her enemies with Devotion.

Watch LuluLuvely’s One-Health Apex Outplay Again!

As if it wasn’t impressive enough on its own, this one-health apex outplay is even more incredible when you are able to see it again with the full context of what was happening in the match. Check out this clip from Twitch Rivals’ official Twitter channel for a quick recap of what led up to this moment: What’s been the best moment from today’s #TwitchRivals tournament so far?

How Twitch Rivals Fans Reacted To This Outplay

Given the way LuluLuvely’s one-health apex outplay played out, it’s clear that she was able to pull it off because of her team’s decision to split up. In fact, many Twitch Rivals fans seemed to find this part of the outplay more interesting than the actual outplay itself. 

Indeed, the Twitch Rivals community seemed to be split on whether this outplay was worth it or not. Some Twitch Rivals fans argued that this outplay was worth it because it gave the team the win they needed to advance. Others, on the other hand, argued that this outplay was not worth it because it put LuluLuvely’s entire team in unnecessary danger.

The Aftermath: Was This Outplay Worth It?

Many streamers in the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament have been talking about how they were “putting on a show” for their fans. In a sense, this one-health apex outplay could be considered a “showstopper.” While LuluLuvely’s team won this match and advanced to the final, many fans still found this outplay to be more impressive than the team’s win itself. 

That said, this outplay does not mean that the win was not worth it for LuluLuvely’s team. After all, this one-health apex outplay came after the team had spent a great deal of time being pursued by The Stream Squad. As such, it was the team’s ability to survive that allowed LuluLuvely to ambush The Stream Squad and pull off this amazing play.

Final Words

It’s clear that LuluLuvely’s one-health apex outplay was one of the most impressive moments of Twitch Rivals’ first ever Apex Legends tournament. It’s also clear that this play was not without controversy among Twitch Rivals fans. While many fans seemed to agree that this outplay was worth it, others argued that it was not. 

Regardless of what people thought of this one-health apex outplay, though, it’s clear that this moment will go down in Apex Legends history as one of the most memorable moments of Twitch Rivals’ first ever tournament. Teammates Brendan “Onmuu” Pode and 100 Thieves secured victory after a heated battle in which the last remaining enemy was finished off. 

The LuluLuvely team, which included Ghost Gaming’s Deston “Bronzey” Nguyen, did not win the entire event, which was claimed by TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, NRG’s Christopher “sweetdreams” Sexton, and Redeem’s Stephen “Reedz” Bailey.
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