Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Did Microsoft Accidentally Leak The Next Version Of Windows

Microsoft Accidentally Leak The Next Version Of Windows
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Microsoft has a history of accidentally leaking confidential information on unreleased software. The company is so used to managing its secrets that it even has an entire page on its website dedicated to “Microsoft Security Best Practices” that cover leaked confidential information scenarios and what the company expects from its employees in such a situation. 

And this time, it was Microsoft who spilled the beans on its next version of Windows. During an internal video interview released by Bloomberg, Microsoft employee Harry Technical explains why some new Windows features did not make it into the April update of Windows: Those and other features will be part of a future release codenamed 19H1, which stands for third major update for 19th year of the 21st century (yes, really). 

The rounded corners and frosted glass background of the floating taskbar at the bottom of the screen are direct copies from macOS. Mac-like icons are bigger and brighter. The fine details of what you saw are explained in excellent detail by Zac Bowden at Windows Central. A Windows desktop with a floating taskbar on the bottom and a Mac-like Dock on the top, along with a floating search box in the middle, were visible for a moment.

What We Know About Windows 19H1 So Far

Microsoft has not confirmed that Windows 19H1 will be the name of the upcoming version of Windows. Until the company makes an official announcement, we’ll use the codename that has accidentally slipped during an internal interview. We know that Windows 19H1 will be a major update that will introduce a lot of new features to the operating system. 

Indeed, 19H1 will be a major update to Windows, bringing some of the most requested new features and functionalities. Windows is currently running on more than 500 million machines, and Microsoft can’t afford to lose users given that its presence on the desktop is being challenged by Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Dark Mode For The Entire Operating System

One of the most requested features for Windows is a Dark mode for the entire operating system. Indeed, Windows's Dark mode is currently only available for the File Explorer, making it a highly sought-after feature that many users would like to see get integrated throughout the whole operating system. 

Microsoft has been apparently listening to its users, because Harry Technical confirms that Dark mode will not only be coming to File Explorer but will also be available for the entire operating system.

Bigger And Bolder Cortana

Cortana has been a key feature of Windows. But despite its integration with the operating system, many users still don’t use it. Microsoft is trying to change that by bringing Windows’s search bar and Cortana closer together, so it’s easier to ask Cortana to complete tasks like setting reminders, creating to-do lists, or finding information online. 

Harry Technical confirms that the company is making Cortana bolder and more prominent in Windows, which will make it easier to find and use the digital assistant.

Improved Browsing With Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been struggling to gain significant market share against Google Chrome, which currently rules the roost. Given that more than 50% of the internet is consumed by Google Chrome, Microsoft’s browser has a long way to go to become the preferred choice of web browser on Windows. 

To improve the overall browsing experience in Windows, Harry Technical says that Microsoft is planning to add more features to Microsoft Edge, including a reading mode, better tab management, and a more streamlined experience when it comes to closing tabs and windows.


Given Microsoft’s history of accidentally leaking confidential information, it’s possible that the company unintentionally released the name of the next version of Windows during an internal interview. However, it’s also possible that the company is intentionally leaking the name of the next version of Windows in an attempt to get users excited about the upcoming changes to their operating system. 

Whatever the reasons may be, there is no doubt that people are eager to learn more about the next version of Windows, even if it’s just the name of the upcoming update. This may have simply been a mock-up of somebody's notion for Windows, an exploratory concept that accidentally appeared in the presentation, or an accidental leak of what Microsoft is preparing for Next Valley, giving us an idea of what lies ahead.

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