A Feature Called Workspaces Has Been Introduced To Help People Manage The Deluge Of Information

A Feature Called Workspaces Has Been Introduced To Help People Manage The Deluge Of Information
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Keeping track of your workspace's chats is tough? Google recognizes your difficulty, and is 'thrilled to introduce conversation summaries in Google Chat for Spaces.' Now, you'll be able to follow your spaces conversations at once in your premium workspace. 

A chat in a workspace chat is perfect for small spaces but can be tough to follow in larger spaces. You know the drill—you enter your workspace, you go to your spaces, you look at the chats, and there are so many conversations that you can't follow them all. 

You can't very well request a workspace's chatters to stop chatting in your chats. This is why chats are named spaces; conversation is their very purpose! Chats are why it's called a chat! Google is stepping in to remedy the conversational deficit of your Workspace Spaces Chats with its communications apps. 

Soon, you'll be able to see summaries of your messages in your Chats, right inside your Spaces! This is true, even for Premium Workspaces. You've got it right. When you open a Chats conversation in your Workspace Spaces Chat, the summary of the message will appear at the top, summarizing any unread discussions in the conversation. 

To visit the conversation directly, you can click on the summary of the Spaces Chats, even if it's already visible and the chatting summary has only summarized a few lines. Keeping your chats concise while using Google Chat is easy. You can use the chat space summary feature to keep chats concise if you use Spaces and talk in the chats. 

Unfortunately, this feature isn't available for Google Chat, but Google Chat (the new chat feature found in Gmail that used to be Hangouts) is only available for chat spaces in workspaces. Additionally, only premium workspaces are supported. It does not include Meet messaging. 

To be clear, you do not have access to it. Meet messaging may become available, however, if workspace chat spaces still function six months from now. If so, you can learn how the AI team effectively summarizes conversations here.
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