Where Will Uber Tests Push Notifications, A Feature Literally No One Wants Be 1 Year From Now?

Uber Tests Push Notifications
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Uber recently unveiled its new advertising division and in-app advertisements. Apparently, those ads aren't staying inside the app. Instead, advertisements from other firms are being distributed as push notifications, much to the chagrin of some Uber customers. 

People took to Twitter over the weekend to express their dismay over the notifications, including a particularly popular one from Peloton that Uber had sent out. Some of the most common complaints included when notifications were delivered to users who weren't actively using the app. 

When Uber initially unveiled its in-app ad “experience,” they didn’t mention that it could be intrusive. “Users can always manage their mobile notifications settings under Privacy and then Notifications in the app”. According to Uber, the number of users in the experiment is unknown, whether the company is recording data on how many users turn off ads notifications, whether the test will last for a long time, or if push notification ads will be used on a future Uber ride. 

Uber displays a single brand throughout each ride on its in-app advertisement. “Journey advertisements” are shown to users at three specific points during a trip: before the ride, during the ride, and when they reach their destination. The ads can be tailored to individual users based on their history and geographic locations. It's unclear if Uber used the same sort of data for push notifications, as well.

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