Nepal's Mayor Fights Cultural Threat: Adipurush Controversy

Nepal's Mayor Fights Cultural Threat: Adipurush Controversy


Mayor Balen Shah of Kathmandu, Nepal, has taken a strong stance on protecting the national interest. He urges the removal of objectionable content from the Indian movie Adipurush, which identifies Janaki as an Indian daughter. 

Shah emphasizes the need to safeguard Nepal's nationality, cultural unity, and national identity by citing constitutional provisions and the responsibility entrusted to government bodies.

The Duty to Protect National Interest

Under Clause (6) of Article 5 and Article 56 of the Constitution of Nepal, the Union, State, and local governments are responsible for protecting the national interest. 

Balen Shah's call to remove objectionable content in Adipurush aligns with this constitutional obligation. He aims to prevent irreparable damage to Nepal's cultural fabric and identity.

Cultural Encroachment and the Threat to Nepal

Cultural encroachment from neighboring countries has raised concerns in Nepal. The inclusion of the objectionable message in Adipurush has drawn significant attention in the Kathmandu metropolitan area. 

The mayor highlights how such encroachment jeopardizes Nepal's sovereignty and national unity. Protecting Nepal's national interest is crucial for citizens who prioritize preserving their cultural heritage and identity.

Prohibiting the Film's Screening in Kathmandu

Balen Shah proposes prohibiting the screening of Adipurush in the Kathmandu metropolitan area to safeguard Nepal's national interest. This move aims to prevent the dissemination of a misleading message that could damage the country's reputation. 

While the film may still be shown elsewhere in Nepal and abroad, the mayor believes restricting its display in Kathmandu sends a strong signal against cultural encroachment.

Social Media and Public Discourse

Mayor Balen Shah utilized social media to raise awareness and garner support from Nepali citizens. His public statement reflects his commitment to engaging with the public and emphasizes collective action in safeguarding the national interest. 

Social media platforms are vital tools for public officials to disseminate information and directly engage with citizens, facilitating broader reach and immediate response. Personally , I also completely agree.


Mayor Balen Shah of Kathmandu, Nepal, firmly stands for safeguarding the national interest by calling for the removal of objectionable content in the Indian movie Adipurush. Nepal's concerns over cultural encroachment drive his proactive approach in preserving the country's freedom, independence, and self-respect. 

Through social media platforms, Shah initiates public discourse and gains support, highlighting the collective responsibility in preserving Nepal's cultural heritage.

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