Romania Is Not What You Think ! Between Employer and Workers

Explore the challenges of workplace conditions and salary delays in Romania. Learn how to navigate legal hurdles and advocate for worker's rights.
Romania Is Not What You Think ! Between Employer and Workers


Dear readers, today I'm sharing a personal story about the challenge I've been facing in my workplace. As someone currently employed in Romania, a country known for its strong labor laws and protections for workers, I never imagined I would find myself in such a situation.

The Struggle For Timely Payment

For the beyond couple of months, my associates I have been encountering huge hardships with our company's owner. One for the most major problems is the reliable defer in accepting our pay rates. Regardless of working determinedly, it has now been just about two months since we last accepted our compensations. Salary used to be paid on the 22nd of every month, but this time the 22nd has passed and the next month has already started. This vulnerable has made it inconceively testing to deal with our funds and meet our commitments.

Cramped Working Condition

Be that as it may, the issues don't stop there. Out functioning circumstances are nowhere near great. In a confined room implied for far less tenants, twelve of us are crushed in awkwardly. Among us are six Nepalese and six Sri Lankan, all having similar battles. The sloppiness and congestion just adds to the pressure of a generally though spot.
Cramped Working Condition

Inconsistent Salary Structure

Intensifying these issue is the irregularity in our compensations. In addition to the fact that we are not being paid on time, yet the sum we get various from one month to another. There's no proper compensation, making it almost difficult to successfully anticipate the future or spending plan. What's more, to exacerbate the situation, our boss works with a culture of dread and terrorizing. Any endeavors to voice our interests or look for goal are met with dangers of end or different types of counter.

Threats and Intimidation

When applying for a visa at the Romanian embassy in Delhi India, in the interview, the name of the company called Viofer Provinstal SRL was mentioned based on our work permit, but when came here, it was a different company. They are also leaning like this. Notwithstanding the direness of our quandary, looking for elective business is certainly not a direct arrangement. It is not easy to leave the company where you are working and go to another company, a release letter is required when changing a company, but our company does not give it easily. Company have to create bank account for there workers and put the salary of each month in same account but they give cash in hand.
Threats and Intimidation

Challenge in Seeking Alternatuves

As somebody living and working in Europe, I never expected to experience such difficulties in a locale known for areas of strength for its securities. It's crippling to see these crucial freedoms being ignored, and it brings up issues about the viability of existing guidelines and implementation instruments.

Empowerment Through Awareness and Advocacy

On the off chance that there's one thing I have gained from this experience, it's the significance of knowing and stating our privileges as laborers. Notwithstanding the snags we face, looking for help from trade guides or legitimate counselors can give us the help and direction expected to explore these troublesome conditions.


In sharing my story, I desire to reveal insight into the real factors looked by numerous specialists who wind up in comparative circumstances. An update even in nations with powerful work regulations, there are still people who are defenceless against double dealing and abuse. By bringing issues to light and pushing for change, we can pursue making more secure and more evenhanded work environments for all.
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